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Cultural Studies and Anti-Consumerism【電子書籍】

Cultural Studies and Anti-Consumerism【電子書籍】

<p>Anti-consumerism has become a conspicuous part of contemporary activism and popular culture, from ‘culture jams’ and actions against Esso and Starbucks, through the downshifting and voluntary simplicity movements, the rise of ethical consumption and organic and the high profile of films and books like Supersize Me! and No Logo. A rising awareness of labor conditions in overseas plants, the environmental impact of intensified consumer lifestyles and the effects of neo-liberal privatization hav
ExcessAnti-consumerism in the West【電子書籍】[ Kim Humphery ]

ExcessAnti-consumerism in the West【電子書籍】[ Kim Humphery ]

<p>Over-consumption is one of the key issues of our time, especially in the Western world. Over the past decade, in the face of historically unprecedented levels of consumer spending in the West - and the more recent impact of recession - a vigorous politics of anti-consumerism has emerged in a range of wealthy nations.</p> <p>This timely and original new book provides a comprehensive overview and analysis of what has come to be called the 'new politics of consumption'; a politics embodied in mo