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President Obama Honors 15 Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipients
List of Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipients
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Medal of Freedom awarded to a star-studded list of 21 recipients
White House releases star-studded list of Medal of Freedom recipients
Medal of Freedom recipientsPresident Barack ObamaEllen DeGeneresEllen DeGeneresKareem Abdul-JabbarRobert DeNiroBill and Melinda GatesBill and Melinda GatesDiana RossTom HanksCicely TysonBruce SpringsteenPhysicist Richard GarwinVin ScullyMargaret HamiltonEduardo PadronNewton N. MinowLorne MichaelsMichael JordanMaya LinRobert RedfordBruce SpringsteenEllen DeGeneres and Robert DeNiroRecipients of Presidential Medal of FreedomMichael Jordan and President ObamaPresident Obama and Kareem Abdul-JabbarTom Hanks and President ObamaPresidential Medal of Freedom ceremonyRecipients of Presidential Medal of FreedomArchitect Frank GehryRecipients of Presidential Medal of FreedomDiana Ross and President ObamaPresident ObamaMargaret HamiltonRobert De NiroEllen DeGeneresRecipients of Presidential Medal of FreedomFirst lady Michelle Obama and President ObamaPresidential Medals of FreedomSusan RiceRecipients of Presidential Medal of Freedom
Michael Jordan, Newt Minow among Presidential Medal of Freedom recipients
Meryl Streep, Stevie Wonder, Marlo Thomas to receive Presidential Medals of Freedom
The 2015 Presidential Medal of Freedom will be bestowed to 17 recipients on Nov. 24. It is the highest civilian award given by the United States. President Barack Obama, in a news release about the awardees, stated he looked forward to presenting the award to this "distinguished" group at the White House.
List of Puerto Rican Presidential Medal of Freedom recipients
Trump says 7 to receive Presidential Medal of FreedomWe're everywhere you need us to be. #ThisIsThePlace
Celebrities who received the Presidential Medal of Freedom