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Jo Swinson MP
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Jo Swinson rules out running for Lib Dem leadership
Jo Swinson
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Whitehall and gold-plated jobs in the City of London are VERY well-paid
Lib Dems' Jo Swinson loses seat held for 10 years to SNP
Jo Swinson named new leader of Liberal Democrats                          ES News emailNotificationsVoteReport CommentDelete CommentReplyJo Swinson named new leader of Liberal Democrats
Jo Swinson says Lib Dem ambition has 'no limits' as she claims she can be PMRelated Stories Lib Dem humiliation: Swinson receives furious backlash as 'Remain Alliance' plan savaged Jo Swinson lets slip Remain Alliance plot that could prove disaster for Boris Johnson Experts split over tactical voting in key London battlegrounds Why it’s not in Boris Johnson’s interests to kill off the Brexit Party Nigel Farage's threat to Boris Johnson: Here are my 600 candidatesStories Curated For You
Jo Swinson on Twitter: "Confir...
JO SWINSON: Our Future Prime Minister by Kishan Devani
Who will be the next Liberal Democrat leader? Possible candidates after Tim Farron dramatically quits
East Dunbartonshire
Jo Swinson: Brexit decision must go to a People’s Vote
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Jo Swinson explains why Lib Dems are suddenly winning more votes
Baby in the House: MP Jo Swinson on her mission to promote shared parental leave                          ES Lifestyle newsletterNotificationsVoteReport CommentDelete CommentReplyBaby in the House: MP Jo Swinson on her mission to promote shared
NewStatesman                      ConsumerBusinessSpotlightConsumerBusinessSpotlightConsumerBusinessSpotlightConsumerBusinessSpotlightConsumerBusinessSpotlight20 under 40: Jo Swinson
Liberal Democrat Jo Swinson fa...
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Not an easy dress: The beauty was seen struggling with her top
Lib Dem grandees dance the night away at bizarre competitive DISCO in Brighton
The 10 biggest political figures that got booted out of parliament in the UK's general election
Jo Swinson MP.