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16 Air Assault Brigade - Eagle On Quartered Shield Sky Blue On Maroon  Embroidered Military Formation arm badge
101st Airborne remembers Soldiers of Gander crash
Northeastern Army National Guard Soldiers train for Iraq deployment
16 Air Assault Brigade
Iraq report: Troops 'rushed' into battle without armour or training
Axis History Forum
Close Protection Unit Royal Military Police
Soldiers Negotiate Army Assault Course
A simulated bomb blast and ambush test members of the 156 Provost Company Royal Military Police close protection team in Colchester [Picture: Corporal Obi Igbo, Crown copyright]
Mark Francois              Armed Forces Minister, Mark Francois Visits the Paras in Colchester
                    London District
‘Dog Face’ soldiers, Columbus Lions tackle obstacle course
16 Regiment RAMC Drop Zone DZ Flash
Maddog Silver